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Vishnu’s Couch | Acro Yoga

Vishnu’s Couch is one of the basic Acro Yoga or Partner Acrobatics standing poses for upper-intermediate.

Before trying High Vishnu’s Couch make sure you won’t skip any progression. Start in L-basing with Visnu’s Couch on legs and continue to lying Vishnu’s on hands.

Tips for a Base
Place one hand in the middle of Flyer’s thigh and the other to Flyer’s armpit. Have the weight of the Flyer on heels of your hands so you won’t hurt your wrists. The lift of the Flyer comes from the motion of legs. Start with a squat and when you go up, you have to synchronize the movement with arms. Otherwise you’ll have to lift the Flyer only with your arms and it’ll be very strength demanding.

Tips for a Flyer
Before the Base lifts you up, make sure you are not leaning forward. Otherwise you’ll fall during the lift. When you’re up watch the position of your body and be as straight as possible. First tries are easier if your lower hand is holding the Base’s arm and with your legs crossed in ankles which will help you to be more solid.

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