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Kuala Lumpur – What to See in 2 Days

Kuala Lumpur is an incredibly welcoming Asian metropolis. This 2 million capital of Malaysia will enchant you with its architecture, great food, amazing historical landmarks and luxury budget accommodation. If you like the view points, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the city view. Whether from iconic Petronas Twin Towers, Menara Kuala Lumpur TV transmitter or directly from the infinity pool at your hotel. This is only a fraction of what you can experience during a short holiday in Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks to one of the largest airports in Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur is a common transfer point for travel to Bali, Thailand or Vietnam. If your transfer is in Kuala Lumpur, stay here for at least a day or two. You will not regret it.

Perfect stay in Kuala Lumpur with infinity pool

One of the best accommodation we had during our travels was in Kuala Lumpur. We stayed in a 48-storey and 208-meter-high Expressionz building. On the 48th floor is the biggest attraction – infinity pool with breathtaking views of the city center with the dominating Petronas Twin Towers. If you like to exercise as we do, there is a super modern and equipped fitness gym and gym hall with mirrors. On the 8th floor there is another swimming pool, a hot tub, a sauna, a place to relax and a café with a great breakfast buffet.

More companies offer accommodation here, we’ve used Booking.com offers via MyKey. They complied to our request that we wish to be on the highest possible floor. We got a beautifully furnished apartment on the 46th floor with 2 bedrooms, dressing room, 2 bathrooms and kitchen with washing machine. You will be surprised by the low price for all of this. We were totally satisfied and missed nothing here. We only regret a little that we couldn’t stay longer.

If you are looking for a place ideal for a digital nomad, where you would fly for a few months and enjoy undisturbed work, exercise or any other activity, be sure to consider Kuala Lumpur and especially Expressionz. With long-term rentals, prices can be much lower than rents e.g. in Prague.

Petronas Twin Towers

By 2004, two 452 m high skyscrapers with absolutely amazing architecture were the tallest buildings in the world. Nowadays they hold the 19th place, but we still consider them to be the most beautiful skyscrapers we’ve seen, and there were quite many so far.

Who wouldn’t want to look out from the upper floors of a nearly half-kilometer high building? Of course it is possible for about $30. In addition, the buildings on the 41st floor are connected by a glass bridge, walking on which is a real thrill!

The Twins are located in the city center and on the first few floors there is a shopping center. You will find both usual and luxury shops, but also a lot of restaurants with local cuisine. You can then go directly to an aquarium KLCC through an underground tunnel.

Aquaria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur

The aquarium is definitely worth a visit. Admission is about $13 per person. You’ll need approx. 2 hours for the visit. In the aquarium you can see a lot of fish living in the seas surrounding Malaysia. But the most beautiful was the underwater tunnel where giant tiger sharks float over your head. The courageous ones can even dive with them.

If you have the option, plan your visit according to the feeding time. It is incredible how lazy fish at first glance turn into predatory piranhas and jump tens of centimeters above the surface. Feeding times and more information can be found on the aquarium website.

Park in Kuala Lumpur

One of the nicest parks is just behind the Petronas Twin Towers. You can walk there directly through the building. There are several lakes in the park with a huge fountain, which is beautifully lit at night. There are many beautiful trees and it is a perfect place to relax. We were surprised that you can swim in the park. There is also a public swimming pool.

Beautiful Batu Caves

Not far from the center is more than 100 years old temple hidden in a huge limestone cave. We took Grab to get there (a very popular taxi service like Uber in Asia). The journey took about 30 minutes, the return in peak hours almost an hour. You can refresh yourself in front of the cave in local restaurants. Right by the stairs to the cave is a huge, more than 40 m high, statue of the Hindu god of war Murugana. The statue is well known, it is the highest Hindu statue in Malaysia and second in the world. There were many monkeys running around the statue. The locals immediately started selling us food for them and since it was our first meeting with wild monkeys, we gave it a try and fed a few of them. There are hundreds of colorful stairs leading to the cave, more precisely 275. We believe that you will have a solid leg day climbing them. Entrance to the cave is free of charge, opening hours are from 06:00 to 21:00. Remember that this is a holy place. If you wear short skirts, shorts or exposed shoulders, you will need to borrow a sarong before entering the cave.

When you enter the cave, you will be shocked how huge it is. In the ceiling is a hole through which the sun light penetrates to the cave, and in case of rain a pleasant shower. There are many stalactites in the cave that have been formed for many years. The age of the cave is estimated at 400 million years. No wonder it is one of the most important holy sites.

In front of the cave is located the mentioned temple. But you can go further down the cave to the next steps. There the ceiling of the cave opens and offers a wonderful view of the sky. If you love bats, spiders, snakes and similar vermin, then visit Dark Cave. There you can only guided and the tour takes about 45 minutes.

Transport in Kuala Lumpur

In Southeast Asia, the Grab application (iOS, Android) is very popular. The service is very similar to Uber. You can order transport by car, transport by scooter, food delivery and some other services such as courier etc. Transport by car via Grab was so cheap in Kuala Lumpur that we did not use any other way in the end. It paid off especially from the airport. We arrived at 2 am and the local taxi driver offered us a ride 5 times more expensive than we paid using Grab. On the way back to the airport pay attention to these 2 things. If you’re driving at peak hours in the afternoon, take into account crazy traffic jams. The streets look more like a parking lots for car. You’ll be driving three or more times longer. Second thing is that the airport is divided into domestic and international flights. Check in advance which terminal you’re leaving from. Domestic flights are not only inland within Malaysia but within the whole region. For example, our flight to Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, was a domestic flight.

Weather in Kuala Lumpur

KUALA LUMPUR Weather forecast
If the weather forecast shows that it should rain all week, don’t freak out. The rainfall is pretty regular here. It usually rains every day from 16:00. However, very high humidity is kept here all day. By the time you have enough time for outdoor activities and then you can spend the evening with good dinner, visiting the aquarium or go shopping to the mall.

Map of the spots in Kuala Lumpur

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