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High Croc | Acro Yoga

High Croc or High Elbowlever is one of the Acro Yoga or Partner Acrobatics standing poses for advanced. We’re showing entrance from Reverse Foot2Hand position.

Before trying High Croc make sure you won’t skip any progression. Flyer should start practising supported one arm croc / elbowlever / peacock / mayurasana (one arm balance with support of other hand). Croc on someone’s leg or arm is actually easier than full one arm croc. Start with L-basing Croc on leg, continue with Croc on arm with Base lying and then try e.g. Croc on arm with base on one knee leaning against his straight arm (position from Turkish Get Up TGU), Flyer can enter the position from standing on knees. Don’t forget to master also the entrance position, which is Reverse Foot2Hand in this case.

Tips for a base
Stand with your legs shoulder width apart for better stability. Grab the Flyers arm between biceps and elbow as close to elbow as possible. Try to have your arm with the Flyer as close to your ear as possible. Your arm should be in one line with your legs.

Tips for a flyer
You should have some experience with this pose from your own practise. When you’re entering the position, make sure that the Base’s hand is between the biceps and elbow, not on your forearm. Place your elbow on your belly above your hip and lean to the position slowly with control. You have to be sure you didn’t move Base’s arm out of the line above his legs.

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