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Free Star Needle | Acro Yoga

Free Star or Needle is one of the basic Acro Yoga L-basing poses with intermediate difficulty.

Tips for a Base
Hold your heels as closer to each other as possible, so you can give the flyer proper support to hers back of the head. When you’re both in the balance, don’t let Flyers hands go. Flyer should let hers hands go on her own.

Tips for a Flyer
Lean the back of your head against the Bases shins. It’ll give you the important support for balance. Be as tight and solid as possible and let the Base do all the balancing. If you feel you’re loosing your balance and going to fall behind, where the Base can’t catch you, don’t bend yourself. Stay straight or start backbending little bit and you’ll land with your feet on the ground.

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