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Foot2Hand | Acro Yoga

Foot2Hand or Foot to Hand is one of the basic Acro Yoga or Partner Acrobatics standing poses for intermediate. We’re showing entrance from 2High (Two High) position.

Before trying high Foot2Hand (F2H) make sure you won’t skip any progression. Start with the base lying on the ground and try low F2H (base have bend arms), then extended (base have straight arms) both regular and also reverse versions. Continue with base sitting or kneeling. Don’t forget to master also the entrance position, which is 2High in this case. When you’re ready, start practising high F2H.

Tips for a Base
Pay big attention to the position of your hands. Hold 45° angle and don’t twist Flyer’s feet towards each other or way too much to the side.

Tips for a Flyer
Spread your arms to the side while entering F2H. It’ll make you more stable when you’re standing on one leg and offering the other to the base. Make sure you are confident standing and balancing on one leg in advance. You can practise it on the ground and learn it very quickly. Stay straight and hold the same angle in your ankles. Don’t try to balance, let the balancing on the Base.

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