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Elbowlever on Plank | Acro Yoga

Elbowlever or Peacock on Plank is one of Acro Yoga or Partner Acrobatics poses with intermediate difficulty.

Tips for a Base
Proper plank position is essential. Keep your shoulders above your wrists in one line. If you have your shoulders in front of your wrists or behind, you will have to carry the weight of you and the flyer. Protract your shoulder blades little bit, it will be better for flyers wrists position. Bend your head while the flyer is entering the position.

Tips for a Flyer
Master the elbowlever or the peacock position first on a ground or on a bar. Place your hands on the Base’s shoulders, fingers pointing to the side. Try to have your whole body in one line including your head, your shoulders and your tipped toes. Normally you would try to be parallel with the ground. In this case it looks better, when you are parallel to the Bases plank position.

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