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Diving in Bali – Top 6 places

The underwater life in Bali is really rich. You can swim in a beautiful coral reef, see a wide range of fish and other sea creatures and, last but not least, discover the mysterious shipwrecks. When you are lucky you can even swim side by side with a giant turtle. Here are the best places for snorkeling and diving in Bali.

Diving and Snorkeling in Amed

Amed city on the north coast of Bali is one of the most beautiful snorkeling sites! If you want to see an incredibly colorful underwater life, be sure to head right here. There are plenty of places to go for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can rent snorkeling equipment directly at the beach. There are also plenty of scuba diving schools in the area, where you can take a lesson or borrow equipment if you are already an experienced diver.

There are also fast boats coming from Amed to Gili Islands, a very popular diving destination. Mainly because of snorkeling with a lots of local turtles. You can read more about Gili Trawangan in our article.

Beautiful coral on Pantai Jemeluk

The popular and also the most recommended by locals is beach Pantai Jemeluk. This place absolutely enchanted us. From the shore begins a beautiful colorful coral reef full of fish and sea creatures of various colors and shapes. All you need to do is to sink your head under the water and you can enjoy the view for hours. There are a lot of starfish, giant calms and playful fish. If you swim a little further from the shore and get lucky like us, you can see a turtle. It is rather rare here and we’ve seen only one in Amed, but they’re here. We also saw the blue-spotted stingray and moray eel. We’re even lucky enough to spot a beautiful little lagoon shark swimming in the deep water. A popular attraction especially for photos and videos is also underwater temple.

Japanese Shipwreck

Who wouldn’t want to explore a shipwreck in the sea? Just about a 20 min ride on scooter from Amed is a remnant of a Japanese ship. You don’t have to dive deep to see it. All you need to do is dip your head and you’ll see the whole 20 m long boat. You should bring your own snorkeling equipment, for example, borrowed at Amed.

US Liberty Shipwreck

The war-time shipwreck can be seen near Tulamben, about 30 min ride by scooter from Amed. The place is rather suitable for scuba diving. So if you aren’t a freediver, rather pay a guide to take you to the spot. The wreck is a few dozen meters from the shore, and although the ship is huge, we couldn’t find it while snorkeling. Recently we saw a video on social networks of divers having such a great luck here and came across the amazing Mola Mola. It is a huge fish and is one of the heaviest species.

Accommodation in Amed
We can definitely recommend low budget and beautiful accommodation in Amed Warung Ary & Home Stay. The bungalows are on a hillside, just off Pantai Jemeluk Beach. The accommodation has a great restaurant. Breakfast is also included in the price. Breakfast offer was quite rich, you can choose in the morning from several dishes such as scrambled eggs, vegetable omelette, traditional Nasi Goreng (fried rice with vegetables) or fruit salad. Fresh fruit smoothies of choice and Balinese coffee were included. You can also book this accommodation via Airbnb. If you do not have a registration yet, you will get $44 bonus for your first accommodation with this link.

TIP: Try to ask the accommodation in advance, if they have free bungalow higher on the hillside. You’ll have amazing view of the sea right from your bed.

Blue Lagoon

If you don’t have enough time to go to the northern part of the island to Amed, at least visit the beautiful Blue Lagoon in Padang Bai. You‘ll definitely see some fish here. The lagoon has a beautiful deep blue color. If you do not have your snorkeling equipment, you can rent it directly on the beach.

Accommodation in Padang Bai

We stayed near Padang Bai in the city Candidasa in a pleasant accommodation with pool Ayu Taman Sari.

Do you want to take pictures or film videos under water?

If you want to have a memory in the form of photos and videos from the underwater world, you have several options. The first one is definitely a very popular GoPro action camera. We shot the videos on GoPro Hero7 Black, which we bought in Bali (in Denpasar at Digital 3 Bali). But we recommend to buy it in advance, there were no significant difference in price. GoPro itself is waterproof, so you won’t need anything else for filming while snorkeling (but it is practical to have a hand strap and a bright yellow float, which serves as a holder and you will not lose your camera thanks to it). If you’re planning to dive deeper, get a waterproof case for the camera. Other options are waterproof phone, waterproof phone case, or more advanced photography – SLR with waterproof case.

Map of top places for Diving and Snorkeling

Diving on islands near Bali

Diving is very popular not only in Bali but also in the surrounding islands. The most visited are Gili Trawangan and Nusa Penida. Read more about the islands in our articles, where you’ll find out how to get to the islands, where to stay and what you shouldn’t miss.

Gili Trawangan

Group of 3 small islands Gili is located near Bali. The largest and most visited of them is Gili Trawangan. Diving is really amazing here. Not only will you see many species of fish, but you’ll probably swim alongside the turtle. On Gili Trawangan there are several Turtle Point, places where you really have a good chance of seeing a turtle. We were lucky that besides a lot of giant turtles we saw crawfish and moray eels. You can also go diving with sharks and mantas on Gilis. Find out more in our article Gili Trawangan.

TIP: There is a fast boat going from Amed to Gili. Find the cheapest tickets on 12Go Asia.

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida Island is really beautiful. If you go diving, you can see huge mantas, or even swim with one of the largest and heaviest fish in the world, the Mola Mola. If you won’t see any of these creatures, you’ll surely enjoy the amazing cliffs and beautiful beaches.

TIP: Find out how to get to Nusa Penida and much more about the island in our article Nusa Penida.

Map of islands Gili Trawangan and Nusa Penida

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