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Bicepsttand | Acro Yoga

Bicepsstand is one of the basic Acro Yoga or Partner Acrobatics standing poses for intermediate.

Tips for a Base
Place your feet as close to the Flyer’s elbows as possible. Give a little bit of back pressure to the Flyer’s arms so she doesn’t feel like jumping into air. When the Flyer is entering the position, the tempo with legs start with down direction, and then up lifting the Flyer. Have your hands ready behind the Flyer’s back, so you can catch her in case of falling.

Tips for a Flyer
A great preparation for Bicepsstand is baby handstand (handstand with arms bent in elbows e.g. on low parallel bars, canes, plyo box or bench). Make sure that the Base’s feet are as close to your elbows as possible. It’ll be much easier for you and not so strenght demanding. While entering the inversion position, follow the tempo set by Base. First go down a little bit and from here jump up and the Base will lift you up. Don’t forget to point your toes. 🙂 Be careful about your legs position. If you go too far behind your head, you’ll fall. If this happen, try to cartwheel it to the side instead of falling behind at the Base.

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