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5 best waterfalls in Bali

You can’t leave Bali without seeing a waterfall (Air Terjun in local language). There are really many of them in Bali, one more beautiful than the other. Most of the waterfalls are located inland and in the north of the island. Each waterfall is something specific and unique and it is an indescribably amazing feeling when thousands of liters of water are falling on you.

Waterfall Tegenungan

Near Ubud is this beautiful greenery-surrounded waterfall. On a scooter it’s just a little over half an hour’s drive. From the parking lot there is a nice walk down to the valley full of beautiful views and photo-spots. When you reach the Tegenungan waterfall, you can cool down with a swim in the waterfall lake, but water is little bit chilly.

TIP: When you get up early, you will be there almost by yourself. However, the waterfalls are generally hidden in the valley and Tegenungan waterfall will be shadow that early and it takes some time for sunlight to reach it.

Waterfall Kanto Lampo

Beautiful Kanto Lampo waterfall is located near Ubud. Water runs down a 15 m high rock, where you can climb a bit to get a massage by the falling water. This is such a cool feeling! Unfortunately it is not possible to swim under the waterfall, because it falls directly into the riverbed with water barely to the waist.

TIP: The best time to visit the Kanto Lampo waterfall is during the dry season (April to September). There is much more water in the rainy season and access to the waterfall may be closed for safety reasons.

Waterfalls Sekumpul, Fiji and Hidden

A beautiful place where you can visit three waterfalls at once – Fiji, Sekumpul and Hidden. Stop at the parking lot and choose from one of three options of group entry. Up to 4 persons it costs 150,000 IDR ($11) for a short trek for about 2 hours, 200,000 IDR ($14) for a medium-length trek for about 3 hours, and 350,000. IDR ($25) for the longest trek. Parking fee and a guide are included.

TIP: The best time to visit these waterfalls is in the morning until around 14:00. The waterfalls are beautifully lit by the sun at this time.

Waterfall Sekumpul

The first waterfall you will see on the way down to the canyon is Sekumpul waterfall. The view of the 100-meter-high waterfall is breathtaking. One would be able to sit here and watch water falling for hours. Way down is little bit tricky. But the guide kept us entertained by showing all sorts of local fruits growing here. Sekumpul consists of two waterfalls and you can go right under them. The water is here around the waist. The power of water falling from a huge rock is thrilling. Combined with icy water, it will make you breathless.

Waterfall Hidden

Guide took us to see the Hidden Waterfall first. You can swim under the waterfall and enjoy the the view of the falling mass of water. But the water is really cold. Right next to the waterfall is another smaller rather falling spray of water, which shines beautifully in sunlight.

Waterfall Fiji

Fiji waterfall is a little further and consists of three waterfalls. It is slightly lower and the pond is shallow. You can enjoy a pleasant shower under the waterfall.

Waterfall Munduk

Less known, but really beautiful waterfall is Air Terjun Munduk. The waterfall is not very popular due to its location, but it is really worth coming here. If you’re planning a trip to Lake Danau Beratan with a beautiful Ulun Danu Beratan Temple or the nearby Handara Gate, then visit this waterfall as well. We stayed just above the waterfall in the beautiful apartment The Clove House in Munduk, from which was a stunning view of the valley with gorgeous sunsets. Earn a discount of $44 for your first Airbnb accommodation.


Map of mentioned waterfalls in Bali

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