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Handstand on Knees | Acro Yoga

Handstand on Knees is one of the basic Acro Yoga or Partner Acrobatics standing poses for beginners. It is also called thighstand or thigh handstand.

Tips for a Base
Grab the flyer behind the shoulders not arms. It gives the flyer better support and you have more control. Don’t let flyers shoulders go too much behind his or hers wrist (to the “planche” position).

Tips for a Flyer
Before entering the handstand position, make sure your knees aren’t too far behind the bases back. The more they’re behind, the harder it’ll be to get up into a handstand cleanly. Lean into the handstand fluently, so the base can handle the counterbalance. Also be careful about your wrists position on the bases thighs. Either point the fingers towards and place the hands closer to knees, or point the fingers to the side so you won’t let your wrists go into unhealthy position that can hurt.

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